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Right now you’re probably making a list of all the things you want to do in the New Year. Places you want to go, goals you want to achieve, the person you want to become.

What if the only list you made included one thing?

What if that one thing didn’t require any extra effort?

Sounds a little too good to be true, except this one thing can change everything.

Here it is: Just show up.

Life is about showing up. That’s all it’s really about. Each day we awake with obligations and aspirations. Some days, we follow through – others need a follow up. It often feels like us against the world when things don’t go the way we plan.

Stop planning? Nah. Rule #1 when you:

  • spend a lot of time worrying about things that never happen
  • think more about tomorrow than today
  • have clouds on your face more than sunlight
  • feel like everything’s falling apart

That rule and resolution is to show up — to be present with each breath.

When you show up, you awaken to who you really are. (tweet it!)

Who you are is none of the worries, the guilt trips, the cloudy days. Who you are is the glue when all your pieces fall apart.

And that’s yoga — the putting together of all the pieces of you. The real you: no filters, no facades, just a capital S beautiful Soul.

Who will you be in 2013?

Just show up and the rest will take care of itself.

Try this: Camel Pose, Ustrasana

Awaken yourself to new possibilities in the New Year with this deep heart opener and backbend  This pose counteracts every day hunching and slouching, stretching the whole front body while delivering a burst of energy to the heart space. And it’s especially fun with a peeking papillon!

Say goodbye to fatigue and inaction while inviting in hope for your Brand New Day.

  1. If your knees bother you, pad them by folding your mat over or kneeling on a blanket. Align your knees hip distance apart and tuck your toes beneath you. Place your palms on the tops of your glutes, fingers face down. Draw your pelvis gently forward and up as you press the tops of the thighs back.
  2. Inhale and move the shoulder blades together and down. On the exhale, begin to lean back, keeping your chin tucked in to the chest. Take another inhale and exhale to lift out of the low back and arch open the heart. Maintain your hips directly over your knees with the support of your palms.
  3. If the lower back begins to ache, keep pressing the pelvis forward and up and lengthen the crown of the head away from your hips. If your lower back allows, reach back with one arm and then the other to grasp your heels. Turn your inner elbows forward and relax your shoulder blades.
  4. If comfortable on the neck, allow it to drop back or keep it in a neutral position. Either way, release tension in the neck and ensure you can breathe deeply without tightening the throat. Stay for three to five deep breaths.
  5. To come out of the pose, walk your hands to your low back and inhale, leading with your chest instead of the head. Shift your hips back to Child’s Pose to rest.

What do you resolve in 2013? I’d love to know below in the comments.