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For my eletter:

“Caren, I love your weekly tidbits. They always seem to be exactly where I am and knowing I am not alone on this journey helps immensely.” -Cindy
“Thank you so much for your dedicated writing. It’s a highlight in my inbox each time I get it.” Asia

In class:

“Caren is one of the best yoga instructors I have had! I really like her style, the way she talks through the moves and her demeanor in general. I’ve been getting a lot out of the classes physically, emotionally and spiritually. My runs feel so great the week after her class and I leave her classes with a sense of calm, peace and an overall sense of wellbeing and happiness. It’s one of the hours I really look forward to in my week.” -Heather O.
“The entire class is a sublime experience. There is no judgment and Caren is always providing technical instruction to help us hone our positions. It is an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. Almost without realizing it, my heart is pumping, my muscles are active and I feel very much alive. It’s almost like the workout sneaks up on you, ha! My favorite part of the class are the beautiful observations and personal guidance from Caren. She always leaves us with some positive remark that keeps me focused and appreciative throughout the week.” -Tiffany R.
“Caren’s teachings have created a tranquil refuge in which I continue to deepen my practice of yoga. Her classes interweave extensive knowledge of anatomy, proper technique and sequencing with a rich, genuine understanding of yogic philosophy and meditation. I find her use of life experiences to illustrate concepts particularly helpful as I make the transition from the mat to the ‘real world.’ All of this, conveyed with warmth, compassion and humor keep me coming back, eager for her special brand of enlightenment. She is a gift to the yoga community.”  -Lori Wilson