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Whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere (like me) where it’s the Winter Solstice, or the Southern Hemisphere where it’s the Summer Solstice, this is the longest day of dark or light all year. It’s an apex from which the planet (and our bodies) come back to balance.

Not too much darkness, not too much lightness. Juuuust right.

It’s common to resist the changing seasons. After all, didn’t we just get used to the weather, only to have it shift on us? Here’s the beauty of practicing meditation and yoga: You cultivate an effortlessness through which you can embrace change and flow from one season to another.

For a moment, forget all your plans, ambitions and intentions for a new, more improved you in the new season. You’ll have time for them later.

Now is the time to settle into things exactly as they are. To welcome the dark and the light. To see both as necessary. And to float effortlessly between them so you can feel more self-assured and confident about the direction of your life’s purpose.

This guided visualization will help you to embrace the changing seasons of the earth and your life.

When you’re balanced and aligned with your environment, you can focus your attention on beginning anew — without the light or the dark holding you back.

(Photo by Rod Waddington)

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