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You’re ready for a change. Is your mind ready to make it happen?

It’s time to feel good again — not ruled by self-doubt, anxiety or depression. But how do you turn wishful thinking into action, especially if you’ve tried other solutions without success?

The reason most ambitions and goals fail is not because you didn’t try or have enough motivation. It’s because your mind is still thinking like it used to (scattered and worried) instead of creating your new reality (focused and calm).

Meditation is a proven way to rebuild the type of brain you want: One that’s not limited or held back by worries and fears, but that’s calm, focused and ready to go after your goals.

I’m excited to invite you to Begin, a free 10-day course to kick-start a meditation routine with intent. You’ll get:

  • 10 days of daily meditation audio guidance
  • Journaling prompts for post-meditation insights and self-discovery
  • A way to track your progress and see how meditation is working for you

The Begin guided meditation course is for you whether you’re new to meditation or have a regular practice. If you’re ready to take back your brain, sign up for the free course below.

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Never meditated before or need a refresher? I’ve got you covered.


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Who am I?

Caren BaginskiI’m Caren Baginski, a writer and certified yoga instructor who teaches a results-oriented approach to mindfulness practices for conscious creatives, entrepreneurs and driven change-makers.

Through meditation, I have retrained my brain to overcome depression (one of the most negative thought patterns in the world) and curb anxiety caused by misophonia. I believe that we can change anything we want in our lives, so long as our desire is greater than our resistance to changing. Let me help you with that.