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Without placing your hand on your chest or taking your pulse, can you count each time your heart beats? Go ahead and try it for thirty seconds. I’ll wait.

How did you do? No judgment if you couldn’t feel anything or if you felt a lot.

When this same test was given during a study, researchers found that one in four people are off count by about 50%, suggesting they have little to no perception of the movements inside them, and only a quarter get 80% accuracy, as reported by the BBC.

But this bodily awareness, known as interoception, only becomes important when you read what researchers found next.

After being asked to sense their heartbeats, subjects were asked to identify human emotions through pictures and play a rigged card game to see if they could spot how to win.

Those who were more accurate with their heartbeats were found to have the most vivid, emotional inner lives and follow their intuition and hunches, which led to rewards. What’s more, poor body perception was linked to indecisiveness, a big struggle for those with self-doubt, anxiety and depression.

Ancient yogis and mindfulness masters throughout the ages have known that our bodies are emotional barometers. The sensations beneath our physical form have more to reveal to us than our daily, routine thoughts.

When you learn how to tune more deeply into your body through yoga and meditation, you not only feel more calm and relaxed — you begin to take action toward living your purpose.

You start to satisfy inner needs that start as whispers and grow into shouts. “Thinking” is no longer the only way you show up in the world. Your whole life transforms simply because you began paying attention to what lies within.

This is the week to start a cascade effect in your life. From unclear to laser-focused. From doubting to confident. From worrying to trusting.

Your body — this amalgamation of bone, tissue and fluids — has been around your whole life. How much attention are you giving it?

Rather, are you giving it the right amount of attention?

If you feel lethargic or indecisive or worried, you’re spending too much time in your brain’s stale thought-patterns and habits. Fortunately, your emotions can be energetically shifted if you know the mindfulness practices to get you there: out of your spinning thoughts and into your body’s intelligence.

It can start, simply, by counting your heart beats. Or moving gently through yoga postures. Or for just five minutes, focusing on your breath.

Whatever the method, paying attention to what’s within always leads to big rewards.