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Hi, I’m Caren.

I came to yoga because of depression, and I came out of depression because of yoga.

When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. After two anti-depressants and nearly deciding that my life wasn’t worth living, I began a yoga and meditation practice that shifted my perspective, retrained my brain and completely changed my life’s path.

Depression was a catalyst for my discovery of yoga. But that’s only a small part of my story.


I was a digital journalist and social media strategist for seven years, constantly striving toward perfection and becoming my “best self.”

Now, I frequently record meditations, videos and write about yoga and mindfulness practices that challenge the idea of “best” and inspire us to remember that we are whole exactly as we are right now. I’ve even got a mantra for that.

While I may be depression-free, I practice yoga every day to release the anxiety that arises from misophonia, or selective sound sensitivity syndrome (4S). It’s a mostly unheard of neurological disorder that has no known cure.

Since 2009, I’ve been teaching and inspiring creatives, heart-centered entrepreneurs, intention-driven teachers, and spiritual seekers to undo patterns of worry, depression and self-doubt that keep them from feeling whole and doing their work in the world. In the yoga tradition, this is one’s dharma — the process of aligning to your true self and personal mission.

Why yoga and mindfulness?

Doubtful. Sluggish. Endlessly worried.

This is what it feels like when you’re in a rut. The antidote is an intentional, results-oriented yoga and meditation practice that activates your true spirit.

When you learn how to consistently tap into your true Self (capital S), you’ll embody the confidence, creativity and the clarity you need to overcome your struggles.

I believe…

  • that we are not a victim to our circumstances
  • that a pill is not the only way to heal
  • that practicing yoga is about so much more than your body’s flexibility
  • that we’re Divine and our lives have a purpose
  • that we can change anything we want in our lives, so long as our desire is greater than our resistance to changing

Let me help you with that last one.

Activate your true spirit.

Infuse your life with positive patterns for greater peace of mind.

Let’s make this official

Caren BaginskiCaren Baginski came to the yoga practice seeking relief from depression and stayed because she overcame depression through yoga. She’s a writer and 225-hour certified yoga instructor with nine years of yoga experience and currently teaches at The Freyja Project, in Denver, CO and online through her website and YouTube channel. In 2016, she co-wrote and co-led a Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour teacher training.

Caren specializes in teaching results-oriented yoga and meditation techniques that activate your true spirit, including take-your-time asana with particular attention to alignment, breath and dharma talk. Her teachings aim to undo patterns of self-doubt, anxiety and depression that inhibit you from achieving your unique purpose in this world. An avid reader and seeker, she counts B.K.S. Iyengar, Tina Porter and Karen Lerner as teachers and influences.

Caren received her training through Denver’s Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation and has since taught hundreds of classes in recreation centers, yoga studios and fitness centers. Her meditations were featured on Omvana, MindValley’s #1 global meditation app. Prior to teaching yoga full-time, she was a digital journalist and social media strategist in the home and garden, healthcare, natural foods and non-profit healthy living industries. She has freelanced for publications such as Yoga Journal, Natural Foods Merchandiser and HGTV.com. She lives in Denver, CO, with her husband, Evan, and papillon dog Willow.

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