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A guided meditation series to reawaken and activate what you need most. These micro meditations are useful for busy minds, allowing you to ease into deeper concentration and relaxation through visualization. Take five minutes, find a quiet place to practice and then press play.


Benefits: Clears the mind of worries; promotes a deep sense of security and safety. Opens and energizes your Root Chakra.


Benefits: Allows you to enjoy the pleasures of life without guilt, and surrender control to be “in the flow” of your creativity. Opens and energizes your Sacral Chakra.


Benefits: Increases your capacity to lead with your heart; boosts your immune system; regulates your breath which leads to stress reduction. Opens and energizes your Heart Chakra.


Benefits: Encourages open communication with yourself and others; increases your capacity to truly hear divine messages. Opens and energizes your Throat Chakra.


Benefits: An enhanced spiritual sense, answers to life’s big questions, and access to the deeper layers of wisdom within. Opens and energizes your Crown Chakra.