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There comes a certain point when you’re tired of waiting.

You’ve prayed and sweated and stretched and cried the heck out of whatever is making your life uncomfortable — yet it remains.

Maybe all it needs is one more Sun Salutation, you think, fearing it will instead take one more trip around the sun.

When it comes to feeling like Yourself again, it’s all-to-easy to think that the circumstances of your life need to change before you can be happy.

But right now — in this moment — you have everything you need. 

  • You have your heart, ready to explore.
  • You have your mind, ready to expand.
  • You have your body, ready to move.

And you have me, ready to guide you through the calmest 30 days of your whole year. Ready to guide you back to your life worth living.

If you’re tired of waiting for happiness — tired of being ruled and capsized by your emotions — tired of wondering when things will get better, it’s time to rediscover that which will bring you the most reassurance: Yourself.

You Again Yoga is here because of and for you.

Start your 30-day journey today